Hi! I’m Kelly. I’m a wife, mom, teacher, photographer, winner of So You Think You Can Dance, wait…no, but I wish.

I love chocolate & peanut butter (could there be a more delicious combo? I think not!), movie marathons, root beer, fireworks, sweatpants, singing on the top of my lungs while driving,  belly laughs, and lots more things but I’m rambling.

This one time, when I was 7, I was at the zoo on a field trip and saw a gigantic purple hippo. Okay,  he may have had a little more gray-brown tones than purple, but purple-I’m telling you!  He was wonderful.  I drew a picture of that hippo for class.  My picture looked a little funny next to all the gray hippos from my classmates.  I guess I was the only one who saw the spunk and personality in that guy!

My photography is the perfect extension of how I see the world.  I use natural light, simple settings, and you-because you are amazing.   I like to see the vibrant and playful things in our everyday and bring that to life in a photograph.  Sometimes it’s silly, but it’s always natural and always fun.

….if you aren’t having fun, then I will happily dance the funky chicken while taking your photos.